Omphalodes Cherry Ingram

Named after a famous ornithologist and plant collector, this is a delightful little plant, forming a clump of evergreen lance-shaped foliage, above which dangle from spring into early summer, and often much later) loose clusters of intense blue flowers. Gorgeous. Likes a shady spot. Any reasonable soil. 6-8 in. 9cm pot.

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Height 6 to 8 in
Spread 12 in
Aspect Prefers a shady spot
Soil type Moist but well drained soil
Packing weight 1.5 kg

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Sounds like it ought to have flowers of a reddish shade, given the name, but - as indicated above - Cherry Ingram was a person. Collingwood Ingram, in actual fact. The Cherry bit was a nickname bestowed on him because of his specialism in Japanese cherry trees.

Omphalodes Cherry Ingram is a hardy evergreen perennial plant with pointed leaves and blue forget me not flowers in spring and early summer suitable for shade.