Abutilon Apfelsine has a name that rather gives the game away. Confusingly, however, Apfelsine is the German for orange (confusing, that is, because the word Apfel means apple in that language). Whatever, orange is what you get with this variety: big open dangling bells in an unmistakably vibrant shade of, yes, orange.  Hardy to around -5C. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. To 3 feet plus. 2 litre pot.


Abutilon Apfelsine is a favourite of ours, with its compact shrubby branching habit, prolific flowering and, of course, the vibrant rich orange that characterises the colouration of the large open flowers and, indeed, gives the plant its name. It’s a German name, as noted above, and the original plants joined our collection from the German specialist nursery Kirchner Abel.

All the usual care advice applies - prune hard in spring, lightly through the season, water well and feed regularly. Grow in a sheltered position and protect if necessary in harsh winter conditions.

Abutilon Apfelsine is a fairly hardy evergreen shrub with pendant rich orange bell shaped flowers in summer and autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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