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AVAILABLE LATER IN THE SEASON. Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love and beauty, and it’s easy to love this beautiful and rarely offered variety of abutilon or parlour maple with its pendant cerise pink flowers generously produced through the summer months and beyond. Hardy to around -5C. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. To 6 feet. 2 litre or 1 litre pot.

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The RHS list Aphrodite as a ‘tentatively accepted name’ for this variety, which is their way of saying that it’s fairly new and it will take time to settle before that mighty body is ready to put its full authority behind it. We were certainly at one point the only listed supplier in the RHS Plant Finder, though we are aware of other nurseries who offer this variety of abutilon. But there is nothing tentative about the striking beauty of Aprodite’s blooms or her willingness to produce them over a prolonged season.

This abutilon proves a great success at plant shows: every time we take a few plants of Aphrodite and place them on display, they are snapped up by eager customers. Same thing applies on the nursery where a specimen in flower is always remarked on by visitors.

The Romans had Venus, and the Greeks had Aphrodite as their goddess of love, beauty, fertility and other associated matters. She had quite the time of it by all accounts and if you need to know more, take a look here.

Usual abutilon care applies: light pruning in the course of the season as desired and a harder cut back in early spring (or indeed in late autumn, which is what we tend to do). Water well in the growing season and give a granular or liquid feed every few weeks.

Abutilon Aphrodite is a fairly hardy evergreen shrub with pendant cerise pink bell shaped flowers with in summer and autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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