No prizes, given the name, for guessing the colour of the flowers on Abutilon Buttercup. And what flowers they are: big open bells in a striking shade of luminous yellow that will brighten even the darkest day. One of our favourites. Hardy to around -5C or perhaps a little more. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. 3 to 6 feet. 2 litre pot.


We like the large lemon (or should that be butter?) yellow flowers that adorn the branches of Abutilon Buttercup over many months, and we like too its upright shrubby well branched habit. It doesn’t get too big, and it doesn’t sprawl or need a wall or fence to grow against. In the ground or a large pot it will form a nice rounded shrub, given a bit of guidance and encouragement from your secateurs.

As ever, cut back fairly hard in early spring and prune as required through the growing season. Water regularly if in a pot and don’t forget to feed or fertilise every so often. Protect if necessary in harsh winter weather.

We originally sourced Abutilon Buttercup from a German grower, and we believe it to be one of their named varieties.

Abutilon Buttercup is a fairly hardy evergreen shrub with large pendant bright yellow bell shaped flowers in summer and autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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