Granted, Abutilon Giant Orange forms a strong sturdy upright shrub, but the giant part of the name refers to the large open orange bell shaped flowers marked with conspicuous red veining. And there’s lots of them, so it’s quite a show. Hardy to around -5C. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. To 6 feet. 2 litre pot.


Abutilon Giant Orange is a simply splendid thing, with a good erect habit, well branched with dark stems that hold large dangling flowers in profusion over many months. As already suggested above, it’s the size of those flowers that is notable, but we also get quite excited about their vibrant orange colouration and the red veining that decorates them.

Prune as required through the growing season to keep in shape and rather harder at the start of the season in spring to encourage strong new growth. Sheltered and with a bit of shade is where abutilons do best; protect from the worst of the winter weather if necessary. We have ours in big pots so they can be put away out of the frost and ice in winter. That said, we generally find anything down to about -5C is tolerated.

We originally sourced Abutilon Giant Orange from a German grower, and we believe it to be one of their named varieties.

Abutilon Giant Orange is a fairly hardy evergreen shrub with red veined orange bell shaped flowers in summer and autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.