Sporting a profusion of large deep maroon bell shaped flowers from spring to autumn, Nabob is a well known classic variety of abutilon, forming an upright and vigorous semi-evergreen shrub up to 8 feet but easily managed by regular pruning. Hardy to around -5C. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. 2 litre pot.


Nabob is a a hybrid of the species Abutilon Darwinii and Abutilon Striatum. It’s an old and well established named variety, but we are not sure when it first appeared on the scene. Given the rather colonial-sounding name (a nabob is a governor of the old Mogul Empire in India or, by extension, any very wealthy, influential, or powerful person) we are guessing quite some time ago, but it is certainly a classic, with the large flowers possessing a depth of colour seldom seen among abutilon hybrids.

Rob remembers admiring a splendid specimen of Nabob running fairly rampant in the conservatory at Knightshayes House in Devon way back in the 80s. There it was paired with an equally large Canary Bird (the famous yellow abutilon) and the combination of colours was especially striking.

This abutilon is a particularly vigorous one and will quickly form a robust specimen, so pruning the central leader at some point to encourage a more compact bushy style may be something you will choose to do.

Abutilon Nabob is a fairly hardy evergreen shrub with large pendant deep maroon bell shaped flowers in summer and autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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