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Abutilon Pictum Thompsonii is an old and much loved variety with divided deep green foliage conspicuously mottled and splashed with creamy yellow variegation, making it quite a striking sight even when not in bloom. When it is, and the rounded bushy shrub is festooned with open bell shaped salmon pink blooms, well, you will be more than struck by it. If that makes any sense. Trust us, it does. Hardy to around -5C. Sun or semi shade. Any reasonable soil. To 6 feet. 1 or 2 litre pot.


Abutilon Pictum and Abutilon Striatum are synonymous: stick var. Thompsonii on the end of either and you’ve got this lovely shrub which, as mentioned previously, is almost as good out of bloom as it is when in flower. And there’s not too many shrubs you can say that about. One of the attractive traits of the species is the veining to the flowers, adding to their delicate beauty. The colour is best described as salmon pink, which is indicative of the hints of orange in the colouration of the blooms.

The showy variegation of Abutilon Pictum var. Thompsoniii is the result of deliberate infection by the abutilon mosaic virus: which sounds rather nasty, but in fact is totally benign, the only effect being the lovely combination of soft creamy yellow and forest green in the pointed foliage. All other variegated abutilon varieties were originally produced in the same way. The common name of painted abutilon sums up the effect rather nicely, we think.

Abutilon Pictum Thompsonii is a fairly hardy shrub with variegated foliage and salmon pink bell shaped flowers summer to autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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