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Pink Charm is a lovely variant on Abutilon Megapotanicum, so it does well trained against a wall or fence. Alternatively, keep it in shape by occasional pruning and grow it in a big patio pot. Clear pink flowers with flared petals and a brown calyx dangle from the arching branches for months on end, so that’s full marks then in both the pink and charm departments. Hardy to around -5C. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. To 6 feet. Available in 2 litre or 1 litre pot.


Abutilon Pink Charm, we are pretty sure, is one of the many varieties of parlour maple hybridised by Luen Miller and his team at the wholesale outfit Monterey Bay Nursery in sunny California. So it’s a little odd that we don’t see it in their catalogue, or should that be catalog, alongside their other introductions. But we will stick to our convictions until proven otherwise. The RHS lists Pink Charm as a tentatively accepted name, which isn’t much help at all.

Above we suggested that Abutilon Pink Charm is well suited to container planting or growing. If you wanted some evidence for this, take a look at these suggestions from the blog of a garden design company here, where it is used in two separate plantings. And looks pretty good, it has to be said. As we suggested it might, though we were probably thinking of there just being the one plant in the pot. But then we aren’t designers.

Care is as per usual for abutilons: a hard pruning in spring, and occasional trimming to keep in the desired style or shape through the season. Keep well watered and feed regularly. Grow in a sheltered location and protect from the worst of the winter weather.

Abutilon Pink Charm is a fairly hardy evergreen shrub with pink bell shaped flowers with brown sepals in summer and autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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