SORRY, CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. The hardiest of these lovely shrubs, Abutilon Vitifolium grows well against a wall or as a free-standing specimen in a sheltered spot. The large saucer-shaped light mauve flowers are borne profusely in summer, offset by large greyish-green felted leaves. Any reasonably fertile well drained soil. To 10 feet. 2 litre pot.

sold out

Abutilon Vitifolium (the species name means vine-leaved) is from Chile, as are so many other lovely shrubs. There are white flowered types and some named varieties, the most well known of which is Victoria Tennant.

Rob has grown these outdoors from deepest Devon to coldest Cambridgeshire (the locals delight in relating how there is nothing between themselves and Siberia) so we know they do well in a variety of situations.

We can sometimes offer some of the more glamorous varieties of Abutilon such as x Milleri or Kentish Belle. Contact us if that's what you're looking for.

Abutilon Vitifolium is a fast growing hardy shrub with felted leaves and mauve or purple flowers throughout the summer suitable for a sheltered position.

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