Plant listing for 2019

As Christmas approaches - rather too quickly for comfort, it has to be said - it is once again that time of year when we look ahead to what is always going to be the best year ever, i.e. next year. So here it is, our plant catalogue for 2019. Whether or not everything listed will ultimately turn up on our display benches or on the website is not subject to a cast iron guarantee, but these are the plants we are at least reasonably confident we will have available at some point in the coming season.

Statistically speaking, our catalogue has increased, with 66 varieties disappearing and 81 new plants being added to the list. A significant number of these new additions are, as you might haved spotted, abutilons, and that’s something we are feeling quite excited about. We have long had a soft spot for these glorious shrubs with their non-stop flowering habit and already had a few in our collection, with the legendary Red Tiger as prize exhibit. In the course of this year we acquired a number of other abutilon varieties, many of them not known in the UK, and we are currently propagating to provide stocks for 2019. One of our favourites has to be Victorian Lady, which is at present the only known truly double flowered abutilon variety. Nice, isn’t she?


We are also in process of increasing the number of echinaceas that we grow, which is surprising, given that but a few years ago Rob in particular viewed coneflowers, with their curiously inverted flower shape, with some distaste. But things have changed, and so has Rob, and we are slowly building a mini-specialism of sorts. Another growing collection is houseplants (no-one can accuse us of not being on trend), which allows Rob to indulge his love of cacti and succulent curiosities and Joanna to increase the membership of her aloe community. If truth be told, we do have far more windowsill dwellers than this list suggests, so keep an eye on the website for items other than those we admit to, such as the extraodinary Aloe Tiki Zilla, which does rather look as if it might fail a doping test.


So there we have it. Much to look forward to in 2019. As we always say, it’s going to be the best year ever!

Rob & Joanna

Rob CourtneyComment