COLLECTION OR LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY, DUE TO SIZE. If you want a flowering climber for a shady wall, and one which will look after itself, Hydrangea Petiolaris fits the bill. It is deciduous but vigorous, with oval dark green leaves and, in early and mid-summer, is covered with frothy lacecap flowerheads. Recommended. Most soils. Sun or shade. To 12 ft. 3 litre deep pot.


We don't think there can be much of a market for climbing hydrangeas in the Southampton area, we have sold so many over the years! But if there are any troublesome walls or fences still to cover ..... We sometimes have in stock the relatively new variety called Silver Lining, which is, as you might guess from the name, a rather attractive variegated form. Slowish but lovely, even out of bloom.

In this video we see the interesting choice of planting Hydrangea Petiolaris to grow up and around a tree. Not something we had thought of before, but we can see it could work…..

Hydrangea Anomala Petiolaris is a hardy deciduous climber with oval leaves and lacy clusters of white flowers in summer suitable for sun or shade.

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