In the South, the dark green lance-shaped leaves of Jasminum Beesianum should stay on through the winter and, by late spring, rosy pink flowers with a lovely fragrance will appear in clusters of three. Jasminum Beesianum, with its twining growth habit, is good on a warm sheltered wall or trellis. Any reasonable soil. To 15 ft. 2 or 3 litre deep pot.


It's a tough call, but Jasminum Beesianum might just be our favourite of the jasmines. Not seen often enough, it deserves to be more popular. The scent might be lighter than the classic white species or varieties, but the colouir of the buds and flowers sets it apart. Plus, the fact that it will remain at least semi-evergreen, unless if you live in a part of the country with properly cold winters, gives it an edge over its cousins.

Native to China, Jasminum Beesianum’s twining habit allows it to grow up and around its neighbours in its native habitat of woodland areas. It’s not a particularly tall grower so won’t get out of hand against a fence or wall.

Jasminum Beesianum is a twining hardy evergreen climber with narrow leaves and scented pink red flowers in early and mid summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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