If you want to cover a fence quickly, this honeysuckle will do the trick; Lonicera Hall’s Prolific grows vigorously, stays virtually evergreen and bears fragrant white to creamy yellow flowers throughout the summer months. Job done. Sun or semi-shade. Most soils. 12 feet + 3 litre deep pot.

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Lonicera Japonica, or Japanese honeysuckle, is unsurprisingingly a native of east Asia, in particular Japan, China and Korea. While generally evergreen throughout the year, it may in harsh conditions lose some or much of its foliage which will quickly regrow come the spring. The names Hall’s Prolific and var. Halliana are generally regarded as synonymous, but there are those who suggest that the fomer is a derivative of the latter. No matter, really, as what is important that it is a vigorous and reliable form and edxcellent for quick coverage of a wall, fence or obelisk. The highly scented tubular flowers are distinctive and interesting in that they begin life purest white then age through cream to a yellow tint, so at any one time there is a variation of colour amlong the flowering clusters.

Keep Lonicera Hall’s Prolific in check by pruning back as hard as you need in early spring and trimming at other times as required. The following video showcases a specimen that hasn’t been subject to much in the way of pruning!

Lonicera Japonica Hall’s Prolific is a hardy evergreen climber with green leaves and scented white flowers in mid to late summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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