SORRY, CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. Lonicera Japonica var. Repens is a very distinctive and distinguished honeysuckle with evergreen or semi-evergreen foliage tinted reddish purple and fragrant crimson and white flowers from early summer to autumn. One of our favourite climbers. Most soils. 12 feet + 3 litre deep pot.

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Another of the Japanese honeysuckles, Lonicera Japonica var. Repens will quickly cover whatever you want it to conceal and will hold ts foliage unless particularly cold conditions cause it to lose some or most of its leaves (which will grow back, don’t worry!). It has especially attractive foliage due to the delightful purple tinge that flushes the dark green leaves. The scented flowers are good, too, as the classic pure white tubluar blooms are heavily tinted with purplish red. All in all, just about the best of the Japanese honeysuckles.

The Repens bit of the name means creeping so it will certainly cover things of a more horizontal nature than the classic fence if that’s what’s required of it. Prune as necessary to keep it where you want it; can be cut back hard in spring.

Lonicera Japonica Repens is a hardy evergreen climber with purple tinged leaves and scented white flowers in mid to late summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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