An unusual evergreen low climber or scrambling perennial, Tweedia Caerulea simply refuses to stop producing its clear blue 5-petalled starry flowers. The mid-green leaves are also beautiful, being heart-shaped. Choice is the word for it. Probably best in a pot, as it is wise to bring it inside in winter. Sunny sheltered spot. Fertile well drained soil. To 3 feet. 2 litre pot.

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Tweedia Caerulea is a plant that always attracts attention - we think it's the intense blue of its flowers, allied to the fact that it’s not instantly recognisable to most people. We know some who grow it successfully outdoors not far from us in Hampshire, but even here it may need protection in the colder months. It is, after all, a native of South America, inhabitating scrubby, often rocky, areas in Brazil and Uruguay, so the fact that it is on the tender site and won’t really tolerate frost is hardly surprising. It makes a fine specimen if planted in a large pot with some sort of framework to grow up and around, and equally at home on the patio or in a conservatory.

Tweedia was also previously known as Oxypetalum. That meant sharp petalled, but Tweedia is a name honouring James Tweedie who in the 19th century was head gardener at the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden. He was also a botanical explorer, spending much time in South America and bringing back many new plants from there to this country. One common name for this plant is milkweed, as the sap is milky in appearance.

You can prune Tweedia Caerulea at various points in the growing season to maintain shape and encoureage new growth. Cutting back fairly hard in spring works well in doing the latter. This plant will produce large elongated seedpods which will burst open to release quantities of fluffy seeds: we find it best to remove the pods as they appear.

Tweedia Caerulea is a tender low evergreen climber with heart shaped leaves and star shaped sky blue flowers throughout the summer suitable for full sun.

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