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Blechnum Brasiliense is a dwarf evergreen tree fern hailing from Brazil (surprise surprise): this fabulous newly introduced variety with the apt name of Volcano features new growth of pinky red which matures through copper to glossy green with the fronds forming a shuttlecock shape. The rhizome will in time form a mini-trunk. Best to protect in winter or move under cover if temperatures go below -5. Best in shade. Prefers neutral to acid soil. To 48 in. 2 litre or 9cm pot.


An absolute stunner of a fern with a multi coloured effect through much of the growing season as new fronds continue to develop.

Blechnum is a genus of ferns with a wide range of native habitats, though most are from temperate or tropical zones. The most commonly seen sorts are the little creeping species such as Blechnum Spicant which is a Euopean native and fully hardy. Blechnum Brasiliense itself is a tender thing of undeniable beauty, so this recent introduction is really good news for the fern enthusiast due to its more robust constitution, not to mention its splendid colouration. Volcano has been successfully overwintered outdoors in North Wales, which says something for its hardiness.

Blechnum Volcano is such an on-trend fern that it even has its own Facebook page, which you can find here.

Blechnum Brasiliense Volcano is a half hardy evergreen fern with bronze red new growth maturing to lance shaped glossy green fronds suitable for shade.

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