AVAILABLE 2019. Now Luzula NIvea or the snowy woodrush, as it’s known, isn’t really a grass, but an evergreen perennial that looks so grass-like it might as well be one. The clump of sturdy green leaves looks good all year round and in early to midsummer fluffy clouds of pure white flowers appear on arching stems. Sun or semi-shade. Moist but not wet soil. 24 in. 2 litre pot.

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We take Luzula Nivea to a show in flower and they inevitably sell like hot cakes. People sometimes dry the flowers and use them in floral displays.

Luzula Nivea is native to western and central Europe, where it grows on heath and moorland and in the vicinity of water, but we find it does best if kep moist but not wet. The origins of the name are a little unclear. The Nivea bit is easy - from the Latin for white, as in the flowers, but alternative suggestions are put forward for the genus name. We quite like the thought of it being derived from the old Italian word luzziola, meaning firefly, probably on account the fine white hairs that coat the leaves, either glittering themselves or when holding drops of moisture.

Luzula Nivea divides easily - you can do this in early spring with good results. Fairly straightforward on the care front. Cut back old flowering stems once over and trim the leaves to keep the clump tidy. Cutting back fairly hard in early spring works pretty well in encouraging new growth, we find.

This short video shows off the beauties of Luzula Nivea flowering in the wild (in Italy).

Luzula Nivea is a hardy evergreen perennial plant with grassy leaves and fluffy white flowers in early to mid summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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