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The American Sword Fern is perhaps the very best of the evergreen ferns, with imposing arching fronds that taper to sword-like points. Polystichum Munitum will create a real focal point in a prominent position. Easy and undemanding. Best in light to full shade. Likes a humus-rich soil. 3 ft. 9cm pot.


A real Yankee Doodle Dandy, if ever there was one. Polystichum Munitum shapes up into a sizeable specimen relatively quickly so will fill a bit of space and add a rtouch of poise and grandeur where other plants might struggle to make much of an impression. It develops rather like a shuttlecock in terms of its formation, but we think it is a better choice than the other fern that goes by that name, Matteuccia Struthiopteris, in that it is evergreen rather than deciduous and doesn’t have the tendency to run that matteuccia does.

Ferns are easy going things to grow and care for. Find them a spot with shade and soil that retains some moisture; after that, all you need do with an evergreen species such as this is remove any damaged fronds in spring to allow new growth to replace them.

The video below is perhaps rather technical in approach but does show some nice specimens of Polystichum Munitum growing in habitat.

Polystichum Munitum is a hardy evergreen fern with arching pointed glossy sword shaped fronds suitable for light to full shade.

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