AVAILABLE 2019. An attractive compact version of agave, aka the century plant, that will suit a nice pot, though it is pretty hardy and can be grown outdoors in the southern counties. Cream Spike forms a rosette of sturdy blue green leaves with creamy edging, sometimes tinged pink. Warm sunny spot. Well drained soil. 6 in. 2 litre decorative pot.

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We find Agave Cream Spike to be relatively fast growing, forming a nice clump with numerous offsets. Once these are established you can separate them from the parent plant and so create new little agaves.

The plant in the main photo is a young plant that sits on our kitchen window sill - you can see its offsets produced over the course of this season.

Plant care - usual rules for this type of plant apply, ie water regularly in summer, leave it alone in winter.

There is some debate over the precise naming of this plant. It has usually been designated as a variety of Agave Parryi, but more recently some have held it to be an A. Applanata. We have even seen it listed as A. Patonii, and there are other variants which we won't go into here. Best google it if you are that way minded.

Agave Cream Spike is a fairly hardy dwarf succulent perennial with blue green pointed leaves with cream edges sometimes tinged pink suitable for full sun.

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