This rather stunning new aloe is in fact the result of a cross between Gasteria and Aloe species: the end result is a chunky and characterful plant (the name Tiki Zilla seems somehow appropriate) with pointed broad succulent leaves, dark green streaked and spotted in lighter shades, arranged in a rosette from which, in winter into spring, stiff spikes rise up bearing orange tubular flowers. Well lit position. Well drained soil. 6 in. 9cm pot (but nice big plants ready to go up into 13cm pot as in first photo).

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As mentioned above, it seems entirely appropriate that this bruiser of an aloe should rejoice in the moniker Tiki Zilla, which cannot fail to evoke monstrous associations à la Godzilla. And when you factor in that the nursery responsible for its introduction is based near Monster in the Netherlands, well ..... say no more. Something of an in-joke, perhaps?

It is the Van der Meer brothers, Paul and Ad, that we have to thank for this great new addition to the succulent family. They are third generation owners of the family business, which now styles itself Tikiplant (see their website) and specialises in the growing and breeding of crysanthemums, petunias, kalanchoes and aloes.

Tiki Zilla has a sibling called Tiki Tahi which is in altogether different style: we have one in our personal collection and it is proving to be very vigorous and, it has to be said, quite tall.

Care is pretty much as per normal for succulents: water once a week or so in the growing season and pretty much not all in winter. Provide a reasonable degree of light, and that's about it.

Aloe Tiki Zilla is a tender succulent with broad pointed dark green leaves with lighter streaks and spots and orange tubular flowers suitable as a houseplant.

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