Beauty is, they say, in the eye of the beholder, but we would expect most who catch sight of Aloe White Beauty to acknowledge that the name is indeed an appropriate one. Not much doubt about the white, as the long pointed succulent leaves, arranged in spidery rosettes, are very much suffused through with white, leaving only stripes and splashes of green, and as for the beauty, it may come in a small package but it is a lovely thing all year round and particularly so when the spikes of tubular vivid orange flowers make their appearance in spring or summer. This is a plant that will look highly decorative on a table or windowsill. Sunny or bright position. Well drained soil. 6 in . 12cm pot.

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As with all succulents, the golden rule is not to overwater your Aloe White Beauty, which can survive on very little in the way of moisture. During the winter it requires virtually none at all, and during the growing season we would suggest a light watering as and when the soil becomes dry. Fertilising is an occasional chore: any all-purpose plant food will do the job.

New baby rosettes will be formed as the plant matures: you can leave these in place or, if you want to multiply your aloe collection, you can tear or cut them off and pot them up individually. Make sure the growing medium you use is a free-draining one with lots of grit or similar incorporated in it. The same applies if you are putting your Aloe White Beauty into a bigger pot.

Aloe White Beauty is a perennial succulent houseplant with rosettes of pointed green leaves suffused with white blotches and tubular orange red flowers.

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