Commonly called the Pony Tail Palm, Beaucarnea Recurvata is not in fact a true palm, but a very tough and robust form of succulent native to Mexico, where it grows in arid semi-desert conditions. The woody stem or trunk has a swollen base (with age this can spread quite widely, leading to another common name of elephant's foot) and from the top sprout arching sprays of elongated mid green leaves, up to 3 feet in length, which makes it evident where the pony tail bit comes from. In its native habitat, or in a subtropical garden, it will grow into a small tree and produce panicles of creamy white flowers, but kept as a houseplant, you are unlikely to see any flowers and its size will remain manageable. Undemanding but striking in appearance for twelve months of the year. Sunny or well lit position. Well drained soil. To 6 feet (but very slowly) in a pot. 2 litre decorative pot.

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You will also find Beaucarnea Recurvata under its synonym of Nolina Recurvata: it's one and the same thing. As the plant matures, it may branch out, but only sparingly, so you may get more than one pony tail in the longer term. Potting up will only be necessary every couple of years at most: use a growing medium with sharp drainage when you do this, as Beaucarnea won't like it if its roots are waterlogged.

Beaucarnea Recurvata is an ideal houseplant for the busy person with a modern centrally heated home. It is perfectrly happy in a dry warm atmosphere, needs only occasional watering and minimal feeding. The only maintenance task you will find yourself doing is tearing off the occasional leaf as it goes over and turns brown. It's worth noting that the leaves don't like being in contact with other objects, which may cause them to discolour at the tips, so let them arch freely.

We usually also have Beaucarnea Recurvata available in large 5 litre decorative pots: because of their size and weight, these are only available for collection at the nursery or for local delivery in the Southampton area.

Beaucarnea Recurvata is a tender evergreen shrub with a woody trunk with a swollen base and arching ribbon like foliage suitable as a houseplant or patio plant.

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