If the flower looks vaguely familiar, it’s because the the waxflower is a florist’s favourite in bouquets. But Chamelaucium Uncinatum, of which Snowflake is a named variety, is a lovely shrub in itself, from Australia, with fine needled evergreen foliage and, starting in spring, a long succession of pink tinged white lightly scented flowers. Prune after flowering if you want a compact specimen. Best kept indoors in winter. Sunny or bright location. Well drained soil. To 6 feet if left to its own devices but easy to keep more compact. Decorative 1 litre pot.

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Chamelaucium Uncinatum is known as Geraldton's waxflower, presumably as the comes from the area around the city of that name on the western coast of Australia. There is certainly something very Antipodean about the look of this shrub: we can see similarities with Grevillea and with Leptospermum, for example. Have a look at the foliage of both and the flowers of the latter, and see if you agree with us. Sandy heathland and dry scrub would be the kind of places found in Chamelaucium's native habitat, so a well drained growing medium and moderate watering (even less required in winter) would be the order of the day in cultivation. Fertilise only sparingly. As for pruning, do that once flowering stops, as we suggest above. If you want a compact specimen, do that fairly hard, but otherwise a light trim is usually all that's needed.

Chamelaucium Uncinatum Snowflake is a tender evergreen shrub with needled foliage and pinkish white scented flowers in spring and summer suitable for indoors.

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