AVAILABLE SPRING 2019. Clerodendrum Prospero is a quite remarkable shrub, with shiny evergreen foliage that looks almost unreal and trusses of white butterfly-like flowers that dangle from the stems over a long period from autumn through to spring and beyond, with some deadheading. Half hardy, so an indoor plant at least in winter. Bright position. Moist soil. To 5 or 6 feet but much less if kept compact by pruning. 13cm pot.

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Prospero is form of Clerodendrum Wallichii, a species named after the Danish botanist Nathaniel Wallich who recorded it in India some two centuries ago. The species is also known as C. Nutans. Common names include glorybower and bridal veil: the latter of these seems to us to suit Prospero rather well, with its crowded dangling clouds of white flowers.

Caring for your plant is not too difficult. Good light is important but not too much strong direct sunlight, as that may scorch the leaves. Keep the soil fairly moist but not waterlogged and don't let it dry out. Misting the leaves occasionally is a good idea. Remove old flower trusses to encourage reblooming and prune occasionally to maintained the desired shape. A harder pruning may be carried out once the main flowering period is past. When potting up, use a good quality John Innes type compost.

Clerodendrum Prospero is a tender evergreen shrub with long trusses of white butterfly like flowers suitable as an indoor or patio plant.

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