Here be dragons. That's the label they used to put on those areas of a map that remained uncharted and therefore mysterious. Gasteria Dragon Skin is neither uncharted nor particularly mysterious, but it does borrow in its appearance something from the mythical beasts that inhabited those regions. And that's both the colour and the texture of the noticeably thick and fleshy succulent leaves whose tough surface is a lustrous dark green spattered with spots and streaks of a paler colour and with a roughness to the touch that is exactly what you might expect a dragon's skin to feel like. Stroke it and see if you don't agree. Sunny or bright position. Well drained soil. 6 in. 9 cm pot.


We like a good name for a plant, and Dragon Skin is a good name. It's a fairly new introduction, certainly here in the United Kingdom, and with its good looks on top of its good name, it should do well. It's probably our favourite gasteria.

Although Dragon Skin has the appearance of being  tough cookie, remember that gasterias are not hardy, being used to the warmer climes of southern Africa, so it's very much an indoor specimen and will be happy in a sunny windowsill or placed in a bright spot in a conservatory or greenhouse.

Please note: plant in photo is shown in decorative ceramic pot for illustrative purposes (9cm pot fits neatly inside this size of pot).

Gasteria Dragon Skin is a perennial succulent houseplant with elongated thick dark green leaves marked with streaks and spots in lighter shades.

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