CURRENTLY GROWING ON. Tara is a statuesque ginger lily, as Hedychium is commonly known, that may emerge rather late in the early season, but makes up for it by blooming profusely in  late summer to autumn with large heads (rather like red hot pokers) of scented flowers in a vibrant shade of orange. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. 3 feet plus. 2 litre pot.

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Hedychium Coccineum, as you might surmise from the name, is the red ginger lily and is native to south eastern Asia around the Himalayan region where they grow in moist woodland areas. The species is on the borderline hardy part of the spectrum, but the variety Tara is more robust and is pretty reliable in most parts of the country, unless exposed to extremes of cold and wet. We reckon it’s certainly hardy to -10C, which is good enough to see it through most winters without any need for protection. If conditions are mild, then Tara will remain evergreen; if things turn colder, the foliage will die back and return late the following season, perhaps delaying her entrance until June. As I write this, the study upright leaves of some of these plants are visible out in our display area.

Care for your Hedychium Tara is not difficult: just provide a position with a good deal of sun and a fertile rich soil that remains on the moist side, and she will be happy. Tidy up old dead leaves in early winter or spring. The hardy ginger lily spreads by rhizomes, so it is easy to divide a clump once it is established to create more plants. Isn’t nature wonderful?

This video gives you some nice views of a specimen plant of Hedychium Tara. No commentary, just nice views. Which is all you need.

Hedychium Coccineum Tara is a tall hardy perennial with long strappy leaves and spikes of scented orange tubular flowers in late summer suitable for full sun.

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