Helianthus Salicifolius is a tall architectural foliage plant, with frothy plumes of feathery fine foliage surrounding the tall stems. In the autumn it has yellow flowers (it is a perennial sunflower, after all!) with a delightful chocolate scent. Sun! Any reasonable soil, but not too dry. 6 feet plus. 2 litre pot.

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Helianthus, as we probably don’t need to remind you, is the sunflower, with its most popular and commonly seen representative being Helianthus Annuus, the annual type that has sparked a multitude of varieties, not to mention competitions for the tallest specimen. As helios is Greek for sun and anthos Greek for flower, the meaning of the name is a bit of a no-brainer. The Salicifolius bit refers to the leaves being like those of Salix, or willow, and in its native North America this plant is commonly known as the willow-leaved sunflower.

If it doesn’t get enough in the way of sun, Helianthus Salicifolius will tend to grow taller and a bit floppy and to produce fewer flowers. For best results, therefore, plant in full sun. In late autumn you should cut the tall stems back to base, unless you prefer a bit of architectural salvage through the winter months, in which case do the deed in early spring before the new season’s growth comes through.

Helianthus Salicifolius is a hardy perennial plant with tall upright stems clothed in fine willowy foliage and yellow sunflowers in autumn suitable for full sun.

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