If you want a hemerocallis, or daylily, that’s big and bouncy, not to mention being in glorious technicolor, then look no further than the vivacious Tigger. The wonderful thing about Tiggers is that they have vibrant tangerine flowers with dark red centres and a green throat.  One flower lasts a day, but there are lots of them to fill lots of summer days. Full sun. Any reasonable soil. 3 litre pot.


You can see why they named this one after the bouncy character in the Pooh Bear stories. It’s certainly eye-catching when in full bloom (and it’s rebloomer) and any that we take to shows don’t linger on the stand.

Tigger is a 1989 introduction from hemerocallis breeder Partrick Stamile and is a tetraploid form with dormant foliage - what we would call herbaceous (though the use of the term deciduous seems to be taking over, incorrectly in our opinion). It is a seedling cross of H. Siloam Virginia Henson.

The go-to reference site for hemerocallis enthusiasts is that of the American Daylily Society: for all the information you could possibly want about these undeniably beautiful and understandably addictive plants, take a look here.

Easy to care for - just remove any old flowers as they go over and remove old foliage in early winter.

Hemerocallis Tigger is a hardy perennial plant with strappy leaves and tangerine orange flowers with a red centre in summer suitable for sun.

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