We do like dark-flowered daylilies, and we also like the fact that many of them have entertaining names. Hemerocallis Making Whoopee meets both of these criteria and we love the large wine-purple flowers blackening towards the centres and a greenish yellow throat. Fabulously dark and brooding. Full sun. Any reasonable soil. 24 in. 2 litre pot.


The flowers of Making Whoopee are fragrant, which adds to the allure. Reminds us a bit of Hemerocallis Bela Lugosi, which is also dark and mysterious. It’s a reliable rebloomer, so gives good value in the garden.

What’s in a name? In this case, a bit of confusion, it seems. This variety is an evergreen diploid introduced in 1989 and credited to Gates-L. (who this mysteriously abbreviated person is, we sadly do not know). Making Whoopee is the correct name, but we have seen it called Whoopy (indeed, we were fooled into calling it this for a while), and then there is the variety called Whoopie, which sports an entirely different colour combination, being essentially vivid yellow.

Easy to care for - just remove any old flowers as they go over and remove old browned foliage in early spring or as required.

Hemerocallis Making Whoopee is a hardy perennial with strappy leaves and wine purple flowers with a yellow centre in summer suitable for sun.

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