SORRY, SOLD OUT FOR THIS SEASON. There quite a few heucheras in competition to have the blackest foliage, and Heuchera Black Pearl is certainly a top contender. Deeply dark leaves with rosy purple undersides and ruffled edges form a rounded evergreen mound of foliage. Pinky white flowers are an early to mid summer bonus. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. 12 in. 1 litre pot.

sold out

Heuchera Black Pearl is one the Primo series developed by big US outfit Walters Gardens Inc. They describe it as ‘the new standard in black Heuchera’ and they may well be right, as Black Pearl has particularly intense dark colouring and what’s more, it is better at retaining it in a position exposed to full sun, where other ‘black’ heucheras might fade to more brownish shades. The Primo series plants are hybridised from Heuchera Villosa, which lends them robustness of stature, and they do indeed have a bit more presence in the garden than some other more compact cultivars. They’ve got some good names too, and the series includes such delights as Mahogany Monster, Peachberry Ice, Pretty Pistachio and Wild Rose.

Black can be a tricky colour to locate effectively in the garden. Ideally, grow Heuchera Black Pearl in the company of plants whose foliage and/or flowers offer lighter contrasting colours or put it a pot where it can just be itself and show off a bit. But see the video below for help with that. Being evergreen, it will do its attractive thing all year round.

Heucheras are low maintenance plants. Just remove old flowering spikes as required and do a bit of trimming off older leaves in spring as the new growth comes through.

In this video Laurel gets very enthusiastic about Heuchera Black Pearl and provides some suggestions for situating it in the garden and suitable companion planting. Worth watching.

Heuchera Primo Black Pearl is a hardy evergreen perennial with ruffled near black leaves and pinkish white flowers in summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

Photo by Walters Gardens Inc.

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