As it’s one of the new World Caffè series, you would be expecting coffee coloured shades, and that is indeed what you get with Heuchera Americano, varying through the season with yellows, oranges, browns and purples (purple coffee?!) in the mix. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. 12 in. 1 litre pot.


Heuchera Americano is a member of the recently introduced World Caffè series, which features names all - unsurprisingly coffee-related. So we have Expresso, Amaretto, Arabica, Coretto, Romano and Shakerato in the range. Romano is a limey lemon colour, so we are uncertain how that fits the coffee theme. But what do we know? It is, we suppose, intended to encourage people to build their own special collection. And we know lots of people out there who do like to collect their heucheras.

White flowers on sturdy little stems are a feature of the summer months with Americano, but as with many heuchera developed for their foliage, these are secondary to the ever changing delights of the leaf hue.

Care is pretty low-key: cut off old flower stems and in early spring freshen things up by removing some of the older leaves to make way for the new ones. We find taking a pair of scissors and trimming away the outer leaves to leave a central boss works well. Looks awful when you do it, but within a very short time you will see the benefits.

Heuchera World Caffe Americano is a hardy evergreen perennial with scalloped yellow, orange, brown and purple foliage suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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