A highly distinctive colour combination of reddish chocolate brown with lime green edging makes the foliage of this compact mound-forming plant really stand out on a year-round basis, as it’s evergreen. Heucherella Solar Eclipse has little white flower spikes in early summer too for added interest. Best in shade. Any reasonable soil. 15 in. 1 litre pot.


Oh my my. Heucherella Solar Eclipse is such a striking little plant, with a name that very aptly describes the effect its gorgeous scalloped leaves produce. One of the very best of these crosses between heuchera and tiarella. We find that, the more shade it gets, the stronger is the contrast between the dark centres and the lighter edges to the leaves. In stronger sunlight the dark chocolate will become, shall we say, more milky.

In America they call heuchera Coral Bells and tiarella Foamflower, and - perhaps logically - we have seen heucherella, the result of a cross between these two, referred to as Foamy Bells. Think we will just stick to our tradition Latin terminology, pretty those these names might be.

Heucherella Solar Eclipse is a hardy evergreen perennial with chocolate brown leaves with lime green margins and white fluffy flowers suitable for shade.

A Terra Nova introduction. Photo by Terra Nova Nurseries.

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