The name Blue Ivory tells you almost all you need to know: this beautiful hosta has ribbed heart-shaped leaves with rich blue centres and broad edging that turns from creamy white to purest ivory as the season progresses. A beauty. Lavender flowers in summer. Best in shade. Moist soil. 15 in. 2 litre pot.


Blue Ivory was originally found as a sport of the well known hosta variety Halcyon in 2003; Bill Meyer was the man responsible for its discovery, and with the help of Dutch horticulturalist Luc Klinkhamer, the new plant was brought to the market in 2009. And the rest, as they say, is history.

It’s not the fastest growing hosta by any means but, although Blue Ivory takes its time - a season or two - to really clump up, it is worth waiting for, as that combination of bluish sea green and cream to icy white is definitely something special. Nice thick leaves so good slug resistance!

Hostas die back completely in winter to growing points just below the surface of the soil, and their old leaves can look a bit messy as they decompose. If you are a tidiness freak, you may wish to remove them; otherwise, leave them as over-winter protection for the aforementioned growing points. Otherwise, there is little to do in terms of ongoing care for your hosta.

Hosta Blue Ivory is a hardy perennial with heart shaped leaves with blue centres and white edges and lavender flowers in summer suitable for shade

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