Light blue daisy-like flowers with vibrant yellow centres from June to September are the key feature of Kalimeris Blue Star, an attractive little perennial from Asian meadows. A Chelsea chop can be beneficial, as can cutting back after flowering to promote a second bloom. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. 12 to 18 in. 1 litre pot.


Blue Star is a named variety of the species Kalimeris Incisa (sometimes also found as Boltonia Incisa), the species being a rather taller plant at 3 feet or more and with a degree of variability about the flower colour. Blue Star is consistent in this respect, with starry flowers whose petals are a delicate soft lilac blue around the yellow centres. It’s a long bloomer, doing its thing from mid-summer into the autumn months, especially if you help it along, as suggested above, by cutting back spent flowering stems. The flowers may be single petalled but are none the worse for that, and they have a gentle rustic charm about them, offering a naturalistic look, so fitting well into a cottage garden style.

This is an easy going perennial that will provide a splash (or quite a few splashes) of colour in most positions in the garden without demanding much in the way of care and attention. As Kalimeris Blue Star is a herbaceous (or deciduous, as we seem to be supposed to say these days) perennial, cutting back and clearing old stems is a job for early winter or early spring. Up to you.

Kalimeris Incisa Blue Star is a hardy perennial with single light blue flowers with yellow centres in summer and autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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