If you want a specimen plant for a moist spot, this could be the one. Ligularia The Rocket is statuesque and imposing, with large jagged edged pointed leaves and purple to black stems that bear tall spires clothed in bright yellow flowers in mid to late summer. It can also be grown in a big pot, as we do. Sun or semi-shade. Moist soil. 3 ft. plus. 2 litre pot. PLEASE NOTE THAT PLANTS ARE CURRENTLY RELATIVELY TALL & IN BLOOM: FLOWERING STEMS WILL NEED TO CUT BACK IF SENDING BY COURIER (ONLINE ORDERS).


There are a lot of ligularias to choose from (there are about 150 species in the genus, to start with, never mind all the named varieties), but The Rocket (rarely was a name more apt) has to be one of the best, looking almost as good just as a foliage plant as it does when in full flowering mode. Those leaves, like great big triangular hearts with fiercely jagged edges form an impressive mound of greenery and become the launch platform for those rocketing stems of flower power. It’s a plant that never fails to impress and surprise us.

Ligularia is a plant that likes moist feet, as they say, so don’t try to cultivate it where the soil is too shallow or likely to dry out too much. Rob did insist of doing that on shallow Cambridgeshire chalk back in the day and spent an inordinate amount of time watering it! Too much hot midday sun will cause the leaves to wilt, even if things are moist at the root. They will recover later in the day, but to avoid this it’s best to plant where there is enough shade cover in the middle of the day. It’s a wonderful plant beside a pond or a stream., if you have such a thing. We don’t but grow ours very happily in a large pot in a spot shaded at midday by tall trees.

In this video the star is Ligularia The Rocket, which upstages a rather nervous presenter. In it we learn that it’s deer resistant, which is good news for those of you troubled by Bambi and friends.

Ligularia The Rocket is a tall perennial with jagged edged triangular green leaves and spires of yellow flowers in summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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