A recently introduced variety of toadflax, which we like very much, Linaria Dial Park stands tall and elegant with greyish green foliage and spires of lipped tubular flowers in a charming shade of mauve pink. Heather pink, as someone else has suggested.  And it blooms for months on end, which can only be a good thing. Full sun. Light well drained soil. 36 in. 1 litre pot.


Linaria Dial Park, likely to be a cross between the two species Linaria Purpurea and Linaria Dalmatica, originated in the similarly named garden of Olive Mason, best known as a snowdrop enthusiast. If you count yourself a galanthophile, you might be interested in this article on Mrs Mason and some of her introductions, which you can read here.

Looking after Linaria Dial Park shouldn’t be an arduous affair. Cutting back the flowering spikes just below the level of the finished flowers will keep it blooming on and on. When there are lots of new shoots coming through, in spring for example, you might wish to cut back the older stems, or some of them at least, to ground level so that the plant pretty much renews itself. We find it doesn’t much care for wet soil, particularly in winter, so select a well drained spot when you plant it.

Linaria Dial Park is a hardy evergreen perennial plant with feathery leaves and mauve pink flowers from spring to late summer suitable for sun and dry soil.

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