Linaria Peachy is a very beautiful and unusual variety of toadflax, forming an elegant and erect plant with greyish green foliage and flowering for virtually the whole summer, with slender racemes of two-lipped creamy peach coloured flowers, with hints of yellow and pink. Deliciously good value in the garden! Full sun. Light well drained soil. 36 in. 1 litre pot.


Linaria Peachy is absolutely lovely. We have a real beauty in a big patio pot. Tempting to describe it as a peach of a plant, but perhaps best not. Peachy is a sterile variety so will not seed itself everywhere like the species: whether you think this is an advantage or disadvantage we lerave entirely to your discretion.

The genus name Linaria is based on the resemblance of the foliage to that of flax, or Linum to give it its proper name. Which explains the second half of the common name of toadflax, but not the first. Speculatively that might refer to the resemblance of the lipped flowers to the mouth or face of a toad. We’re not sure there is another more convincing explanation. As for those lips, they are part of a cunning bit of design, forcing pollinating insects to push them apart to get at the nectar and so do the pollination thing. Which is rather ironic in this instance, as Peachy is, as we note above, a sterile variety. Nonetheless, bees and their friends still love it, so it’s a surefire way to get bees to your garden.

Linaria Peachy is a hardy evergreen perennial plant with feathery leaves and creamy peach flowers from spring to late summer suitable for sun and dry soil.

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