READY SOON. Linaria Pink Kisses is a new addition to the growing number of sterile Linaria hybrids, so named by Gloucestershire nurseryman Bob Brown, and aptly so. Tall willowy spires are clothed with innumerable individual flowers, each pink faced with darker pink lips, which fade as they age to shades of white, so creating a multi-toned effect. The evergreen grey green foliage is narrow and feathery, making Linaria Pink Kisses a very elegant thing indeed. Long flowering, so a constant source of pleasure in the garden. Full sun. Light well drained soil. 36 in. 1 litre pot.


Linaria are native to dry sunny habitats in our northern hemisphere, found particularly in the areas around the Mediterranean. That gives you a clue as to the sort of the conditions in which they will thrive in a garden situation. Open sunny spot and a well drained, even dry, soil.

Linarias are pretty maintenance-free, too, requiring little more than to have the flowering spikes cut back by around half once they have gone over (which will promote further flowering) and a bit of a tidy up before the onset of winter. In spring look for fresh new shoots appearing, then cut back the old ones. Result: one happy linaria.

Linaria Pink Kisses is a hardy evergreen perennial plant with feathery leaves and pink to white flowers from spring to late summer suitable for sun and dry soil.

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