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AVAILABLE 2020. Lobelia Tania is a rather exotic looking variety with green foliage (often rather variegated and red-flushed when young) on erect reddish-brown stems which produce, in the later summer months and into the autumn, striking flowers in a shade which we have seen described variously as magenta, crimson-purple, purplish-red etc etc. Let's just say they make a bold statement. Sun or semi-shade, likes moist soil. 36 in.

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Lobelia is a genus of more than 350 species and lobelias come in all shapes and sizes, from those tiny trailing plants ubiquitous in hanging baskets and troughs to big specimens like Lobelia Tupa. Lobelia x speciosa, of which Tania is a named cultivar, is a term used to describe hybrids from the species L. fulgens, L. cardinalis and L. siphilitica. There are lots of named varieties on the market, most of them boasting showy flowers over a long period and glossy foliage which is often flushed red or purple. Tania, we think, is one of the best.

The lovely Tania will rebloom if cut back. Chop back in autumn leaving the crown of leaves only. North America is the native habitat of the species from which Lobelia x speciosa derives, particularly wet meadowland and riverbanks, so somewhere with consistently moist soil will suit Tania best.

We did once have fun packing one of these in full bloom at over 3 feet tall for courier delivery to a customer!

Lobelia Tania is a tall hardy perennial plant with reddish stems and spikes of magenta purple flowers in late summer and autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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