GROWING ON - READY SPRING 2020. A lovely old-fashioned herb commonly known as Sweet Cicely, Myrrhis Odorata is grown for its elegant feathery leaves which have the scent and flavour of aniseed. In early summer it produces flattish heads of lacy white flowers followed by seeds that are used to flavour drinks and food. Interestingly, it’s very popular in Scandinavia! Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil.To 3 feet. 1 litre pot.

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Myrrhis Odorata s an interesting little plant: we get enquiries from people all over the country who have been unable to find it local to them. Once a staple of the herb garden, it seems somehow to have fallen out of favour in recent years, which is a shame, as it is a reliable, easy and attractive plant. It’s the only species in the genus, the name of which means smelling like myrrh, though truth be told that comes from another genus altogether (Commiphora). The common name of Sweet Cicely is an interesting one: it would seem that the CIcely bit is an Anglicisation of the Greek Seseli which is the name of another genus of umbeliferous plants.

Seeds freely, so weed out seedlings if you don’t want too many new plants. This video shows off a splendid stand of Myrrhis Odorata.

Myrrhis Odorata is a hardy perennial herb with aniseed scented feathery leaves and white flowers in early to mid summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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