SORRY, CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. The new shoots of Peltoboykinia Watanabei emerge like pinkish red clawed hands in spring then develop into largish jaggedly fingered leaves. Floating over these are sprays of creamy yellow flowers from spring into summer and often later. Gently lovely. You'll have to learn to pronounce the name properly, we suspect. Partial to full shade. Any reasonable soil. 24 in. 2 litre pot.

sold out

From the wooded hillsides of Japan, but you don't really need a hillside or a wood to enjoy Peltoboykinia Watanabei. It will thank you for a bit of shade, though, and make no further demands of you.

Peltoboykinia is a very small genus consisting of a mere two species, which were separated from Boykinia, the genus to which they previously were assigned. Boykinia is named in honour of Dr. Samuel Boykin (1786-1848), an American botanist and physician and the Pelto prefix refers to the shield shaped form of the leaves. Watanabe is a common Japanese name and we confess we afre uncertain to which holder of the name the species designation refers.

This is an easy care plant, with little to do other than cut back and remove old dead stems and foliage at some point between autumn and spring.

Peltoboykinia Watanabei is a hardy perennial plant with large glossy lobed leaves and creamy yellow flowers in spring and summer suitable for shade.

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