Etna is a splendid penstemon from the Volcano series whose flowers are of the deepest red with white throats striped boldly with more red. Certainly erupts with colour – pardon the pun. Lots of red penstemons around: we think this is one of the best, with a good compact habit and reliably long flowering season. Full sun. Any reasonable soil.  18 in. 2 litre pot.


It seems a new series of penstemons appears just about every season, promising to be an improvement on everything that has gone before. To be honest, to us they are all much of a muchness and look, well, pretty much like eveything that has gone before. The Volcano series goes back a few years now, but Penstemon Etna and its cousins are attractive, tidy of habit,  long flowering and reliably hardy, so we find ourselves sticking with them.

Prune old flowering stems away as required. Cut back to around half to two thirds of the plant's height in autumn, then in early spring cut back hard, virtually to the base.

Penstemon Etna is a hardy evergreen perennial plant with pointed leaves and red and white tubular flowers in summer and autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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