A Japanese entry in the Volcano series of penstemon, Fujiyama boasts flowers in a mouthwatering shade of pink, with the white throats speckled and striped in darker reddish shades around the conspicuous yellow anthers. Fujiyama is nice and compact so keeps its shape well and doesn't flop as some others do. Sun. Well drained soil. 18 in. 2 litre pot.


Cheshire plantsman Fred Yates is the man we have to thank for the Volcano series of penstemons, of which Fujiyama is the pink representative. As well as innovations in begonias, Fred was also responsible for the Patio Bells and I(most recently) the Pentastic series. The latter are, despite the dreadful name they have been lumbered with, actually very nice plants which are genuinely compact and suit the modern small garden very well indeed. Must grow some sometime …..

Now when we take both Penstemon Etna (red) and Penstemon Fujiyama (pink) to shows, it always seems to be the latter that is the better seller. We can’t put our finger on the reason, as both look lovely in their individual ways: maybe red is out of favour just now.

Penstemon Fujiyama is very hardy and easy to grow. Just follow the usual rules for penstemons, i.e. prune old flowering stems away as required, cut back to about two thirds in height before winter and then in early spring cut back hard. Simples.

Penstemon Fujiyama is a hardy evergreen perennial plant with pointed leaves and pink and white flowers in summer and autumn suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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