AVAILABLE 2020. If you can't cope with the challenging Latin name of Phyteuma Scheuchzeri (and we wouldn't blame you for that), try its common name of horned rampion - if you look at the individual heads of the violet-blue flowers that appear in early to mid-summer, you will see how it came by that name. The basal leaves are linear and form a little evergreen clump: this delicate little charmer will do well at the front of a border or in a rockery. Sunny spot. Well drained soil. 15 in. 1 litre pot.

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Phyteuma Scheuchzeri is a native of European mountain slopes, but will put up being sited in the less spectacular surroundings of a British garden. Just make sure it enjoys some sun and has its feet in soil that has decent drainage. It requires little or no care but will just get on with things in its own way. Although it’s a dainty little thing, and you need to ensure it’s positioned where it’s not going to get overwhelmed by bigger neighbours, the fact that it’s pretty much evergreen means it retains a presence throughout the year and its charming flowers repay close inspection.

Phyteuma belong to the campanula family, but the linear leaves which resemble those of some plants bearing that name are about as much in the way of family similarities as you are going to get. There are around 40 species of phyteuma, and the video below shows one of them in native habitat in the Alps. You can certainly see family similarities with P. Scheuchzeri.

Phyteuma Scheuchzeri is a hardy low growing perennial plant with pointed leaves and globular horned violet blue flowers in summer suitable for full sun.

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