SORRY, CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. Polemonium Bressingham Purple is a rather special variety of Jacob’s Ladder, with lovely ferny foliage that takes on purple hues in spring and autumn. The clustered heads of rich blue scented flowers are carried on burgundy stems from early summer. Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. 18 in. 1 litre pot.

sold out

Polemonium Bressingham Purple is a rather better variety than Purple Rain, we think, though we like the latter's name more, it has to be said. This one takes its name from the gardens and nursery at Bressingham Hall, where Adrian Bloom has raised many new plants. It holds its purple colouring rather better than Purple Rain, and the scent to the clustered blue flowers is quite remarkable on a warm day. The only thing to watch out for is mildew if the weather becomes particularly hot and the soil dries out: the best antidote is to water well in such conditions. It’s a plant that doesn’t mind a bit of shade in any case, which is helpful of it.

As far as care goes, there is little to do. Cutting back flowering stems as the blooms go over is a good idea, and then just prune back to the base in late autumn or early spring, as you prefer.

Polemonium Bressingham Purple is a hardy perennial with purple tinged ferny leaves and blue flowers in early summer suitable for sun or semi-shade.

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