AVAILABLE LATE SUMMER. A very special Jacob's Ladder, this one. Polemonium Northern Lights is a compact plant, forming a neat mound of the usual ferny fingered foliage and which produces, from late spring onwards, short upright stems holding clusters of clear blue flowers which are unique within the genus in being fragrant. Very, very nice indeed. Semi-shade preferred. Any reasonable soil. 15 in. 2 litre pot.

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There is already something very distinctive and desirable about the clear sky blue of the flowers on a Jacob's Ladder, but when they are sweetly scented as well ..... say no more. This just one of the reasons why we like Polemonium Northern Lights so much. Its other attractions are its compact nature, a long flowering season, tolerance of a variety of situations and easy care needs. Removal of old flowering stems and a bit of a late autumnal tidy up just about sums up your responsibilities.

Mystery shrouds the origins of the genus name Polemonium, which may derive from the Greek for discord or refer to Polemon, a first century ruler in Capadocia. Neither sounds tremdously convincing to us, but what do we know? Similarly dubious is the species name Reptans (creeping), as theis variety of Jacob’s Ladder doesn’t really creep, rather forming a fairly neat mound of foliage. Polemoniums grow in cool and temperate regions, often in damp grassy or wooded spots, and they don’t really like to be somewhere that gets too dry in summer. A degree of shade is perfectly fine, indeed welcome, and Northern LIghts will flower prolifically in just such a location.

Polemonium Northern Lights is a hardy perennial plant with ferny foliage and scented sky blue flowers in spring and summer suitable for light shade.

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