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SORRY, CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. There are other variegated polemoniums out there, but Stairway to Heaven is undisputably the best of the lot. With creamy white edges to the leaflets, it looks terrific all season (with some pink hints in cool temperatures). But when the pale lavender blue flowers are added to the mix, seemingly hovering around the clump of foliage – wow! Sun or semi-shade. Any reasonable soil. 12 to 15 in. 2 litre pot. Also available in 1 litre pot.

sold out

The plant that became Stairway to Heaven was originally discovered as a sport in a batch of Polemonium Reptans seedlings by Bill Cullina of Massachusetts about 15 years ago and introduced to a wider public via the New England Wild Flower Society, reputed to be the oldest plant conservation organisation in North America. You can visit their website here. There are other variegated varieties on the market, such as the popular Brise d’Anjou, but in our view none of them can match Stairway to Heaven (and that’s not just because Rob is a fan of Led Zeppelin). We also like the punning nature of the varietal name (Jacob’s Ladder, Stairway, geddit?).

Polemonium Stairway to Heaven doesn't require much in the way of attention, except to cut back old flowering stems post the big bloom period and a tidy up in late autumn.

The following short video sings the praises of Polemonium Stairway to Heaven as an ideal plant for a shady location, with particular emphasis on its qualities as a foliage plant.

Polemonium Stairway to Heaven is a hardy perennial plant with ferny variegated cream and green foliage and blue flowers in early summer suitable for shade.

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