For semi-evergreen groundcover or the rock garden, you can’t do much better than Potentilla x Tonguei with its dark green toothed foliage and, for weeks on end, soft apricot-yellow flowers with crimson centres held on prostrate stems. Vigorous spreading habit. Sun or semi-shade. Any well drained soil. 6 in. 9 cm pot.


Potentilla x Tonguei is a charming and interesting plant: although it will send out its strawberry-leaved running stems to cover quite an area in the summer months, it will die back to a central crown in winter unless mild conditions mean it stays evergreen. The flowers are a succulent peachy yellow with darker red centres and come in profusion over a very long period, so it will trail colourfully over the edge of a border or container or sprawl happily in a rockery setting. Always popular, we have been growing Potentilla x Tonguei for years now, and its attractions never pall.

Potentilla x Tonguei ius a cross between the two species P. Anglica and P. nepalensis, so its a pretty cosmopolitan little thing. Given the latter’s native habitat among the Himalayas, you can understand that it is happy in a poor or stony soil with good drainage. Easy to care for: cut back if things go deciduous in winter. A bit of trimming back during the season can encourage more growth and more flowers, but we find it can be largely left to its own devices.

Potentilla x Tonguei is a hardy perennial plant with strawberry like leaves and apricot yellow flowers with red centres all summer suitable for full sun.

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