Primula Apple Blossom is a vigorous candelabra type of primula, with whorls of flowers in a lovely soft pink (yes, apple blossom pink, it has to be said) with reddish pink centres crowded along the upright stems from late spring to mid summer. The spoon-shaped wrinkled leaves die back in winter. A beautiful variety which looks tremendous planted in a group. Best in light shade. Rich moist soil is best. 18 in. 1 litre pot.


Primula Apple Blossom is a named (seed raised) variety of Primula Japonica which is native to Japan , where it grows in moist shady places. If you can replicate that in your garden, you are on to a winner, as these primulas are robust and vigorous, with just one plant making an impact on its own and a group or colony of them looking simply spectacular. They are wonderful in a pondside setting, as they are tall enough to stand out but not so tall as to become dominant. Primulas are undemanding when it comes to care: just cut back the old flowering stems and tidy up in winter or early spring.

The flowering period of Primula Apple Blossom is one of its big attractions, as it can carry on with its display over many weeks from late spring onwards. An individual plant can give rise to multiple stems, increasing as the plant matures, so it’s good value in the garden.

Primula Japonica Apple Blossom is a hardy perennial plant with crinkled leaves and soft pink primrose flowers in spring and early summer suitable for shade.

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