Francisca is a primula that is just a little bit different, with whorls of flowers atop sturdy stems that are quite a vivid lime green lightening to yellow centres. And you can enjoy this distinctive pleasure from early spring into summer and beyond. Indeed Francisca seems to want to flower all year round. Likes some shade. Moist soil. 10 in. 1 litre pot.


Primula Francisca can also be listed as Green Lace and was apparently discovered by one Francisca Darts on a traffic island in Canada, of all places. You can read more about this variety and, indeed, learn quite a lot about primrose cultivation in general in this article.

We find that Primula Francisca can bloom not only for most of the warmer months, but often right through the depths of winter as well. A tough little cookie. We do, however, also find that people either adore her or fail to understand her appeal, a bit like Marmite. It’s that green flower thing, you see: there are those who stick to the position that leaves are green and flowers are any colour other than green. Takes all sorts.

In this video, Paul Zammit, Director of Horticulture at the Toronto Botanical Garden, enthuses about Primula Francisca. We do notice, incidentally, that there are those who plump for Francesca rather than Francisca in terms of spelling. The RHS prefers the latter, and so do we.

Primula Francisca syn Green Lace is a hardy semi-evergreen perennial plant with green flowers with yellow centres in spring and summer suitable for shade.

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